Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Technology is going so fast.

5 years ago Twitter did not exist and Facebook was in its infancy.  Now, we are surrounded by their incessant gibblings and gobblings about everything. 

Protests are organised via them, house parties go crazy, every new article has comments, tweets and tweeted everywhere within the known electronic universe.  

And it is only going to keep on going.  Where are we going and what will happen next.  Social media will progress at its continual unending way, taking over everything.  It may not be too long before we actually tweet a waiter at a restaurant to get a drink.  Who knows.   I may even start tweeting the kids at home.  “time for dinner, please unplug, and download into the dining room.”

We at MEX are developing further into this area, and making inroads into all the new technology around and will be coming out with some new and exciting products in the near future.  Both are in relation to MEX, and do not want to tell you exactly, but let you wait and salivate over what our offering swill be.

And if you do want a sneak peak of these then I would recommend coming along to the user conference in august at the Gold Coast.  Because that is where I will unveil these. 

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