Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Colour of the year 2010. (click here)

Click on the heading to see the results.

Just had to share this it is the colour of the year for 2010.

And I love colors. Now being Australian, it shows that I was orange for 2010. Which I can handle. Complimentary to my balding greying red hair.


  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the follow over at Maggie's Garden...it seems we're both into color. I also love techy stuff since my son is presently in the beginning process of a start up called myzeus.us, a place to find movies customized to people. It's still in its beta form, so the working parts of a social network for movies is working by invite only for now, but he is putting together applications for finding movies for people in a much more in-depth way of which I've been asked not to share. What I love about his project is that he truly just wants to better our world rather than kill it with capitalism. He's only 23. Not saying making money is a bad thing...just how the product is used to make the money. The kids have a whole other way of viewing how the internet is going to be used. Unfortunately here in the states that doesn't go over very big with the vc's.
    The internet has the ability to enhance our world for the better I believe...if we use it with integrity...but that's just me.
    I enjoyed reading your other posts...especially the Ebay post. Ebay has become so flooded, as well as Etsy, and it has become almost impossible to get any traffic on these sites. I wish someone would offer competition to Ebay.
    Thanks again for the visit. See ya soon.

  2. BTW I've added you to my sidebar. I like what you have to say here.