Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The next boom.

It is getting scary in Neverland. 

Ipo’s are going crazy in the US.  The new dot com boom has arrived.  And I have no idea why? 

The only reason I can think of is because all the other markets in America are dead, that they need something to have fun with.   That is property, share market in general, industry, dollar, health,  wait just about everything in the Us at present is up the shoot.  Even Arnie and all those other buffoons getting in trouble with girls.

Facebook is maybe, you never know, might sometime, almost there, going to list.  And they expect it to be a frenzy.  I did here the term mania being used. And I am happy either way.

But they are expecting a number of other dot com companies to float on the stock exchange very soon. 

And I am wondering how they are going to make money.  It appears society learnt nothing 10 years ago with the original boom,  and are now going to wipe out any money we have left in the next craze.  Oh dear, time to start burying my head in the sand again.  I cannot watch to see people lose all the remaining part of their savings on a new get rich scheme.

But they will.

So, my parting words to your cash are “goodbye, so long, and we will never see you again.”

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  1. I think I get what you're saying. My son developed an app for a Groupon not so long ago...and this thing just took off. The guy who originally started Groupon was a friend...Andrew Mason (he was just a kid with a garage band along with a couple of his buddies) who started a dot com called which was an effort to really change how we buy things here in the US. It started out as a really cool idea. In the end the venture capitalists came in and took and made it into Groupon. What could have been a really good thing...they made it into their money maker. Groupon...well... it's already dead in the water. Everyone seems at the ready for the fast buck. You're right...the get rich quick theme. I do have faith in the young kids though...they see what the real potential is for the internet, music, movies and the like...and they've learned how to use it with good intention toward the fellow man. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm looking through rose colored glasses. Just some optimism...hopefully. Right now things don't look so good here in the US...and again you're right about the goofy buffoons...perfect description dude! But here in the US I feel these are hand made distractions from the real truth. Most of which is buried in the sand as well.