Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mr Steve Balmer, get Bill back now!

About 2 years ago, I got a Media company in to do an analysis of what and who my company was.  My company is MEX, Maintenance Experts, with 30 staff, and we have been in business for 18 years.   We are in software.  But this is not important.  What was important is how these consultants described us.

After asking us a myriad of questions, going away and analysing it, they came back and presented to us who they thought we were.

And in summary we are low key.  Do not believe we are the best and that we undersell ourselves.   There were many other things said which all fell in line with this overall definition of us.

As they spoke, my little mind was just going crazy thinking about what he had just said. 

This definition that he was giving was not about the company, they were describing me.   

My company is me.  My company is an outcome of the efforts of me.  It has been shaped and moulded by me and operates like me. The personality of the company is mine.

I was excited and shocked, at the same time.  To think that my company is just an extension of me.  It is a representation of me.  And the company and I have the same personality.  Obviously, that is why we get on so well.   And I am the sort of person that does not oversell themselves and flies under the radar.  I do not want all the attention.

And how does the company become me?  Well, I am the person who makes all the big decisions, I am the one who has final say, I am the one who says yes to the direction we are going in.  so, it is an extension of me.  So, as I have created and grown my company it operates like I do.  Quite an eye opener to realise this.

The people I get in as consultants, the managers that are here will all have an impact and shape the company.  But ultimately, the company is me. 

So, after finding this out I then turned towards other companies and what they were.

For example.  And this comes down to the title of the story.   Bill is Microsoft.  I think Bill Gates just wants people to look up to him, he wants power, he cannot stand anyone else winning.

Why? That is who Microsoft was.  Under Bill they were a predatory company.

Now, the other side is that there are also good points about Bill.  He is fiercely determined, not great with detail and will be a winner.

In saying he is not great with detail makes me laugh, as I am still waiting for Microsoft to fix problems with their software that appeared 16 years ago.

And how it has changed since Bill left.  Steve Balmer is now the CEO and I think the company has changed a lot.  Market share is evaporating, and they appear to be being left behind.  Maybe Steve is a quieter guy, and does not need the limelight.  So, Steve, it may be time to get back Bill.

And as I go through other companies it shows me who that person is charge is like. For example, Apple, Google, and any of the other top companies out there.  

And to those companies that are greedy, not helpful and to be honest just bastards.  Well, to that CEO, we know who you truly are. 

So, what did I learn:

  • The person in charge is very important.  The company is them
  • To change a company either change the CEO, or they have to change themselves.
  • Consultants really do not change the company.  They can do whatever they like as long as it aligns with what the CEO is. 

This is my observation, and the more I look to other companies, I find out it is true.  So, take your time, and if the company operates good, bad or indifferent, will be a reflection of who that owner or CEO is.

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