Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Google and Facebook… Fight!

We’ve all watched the rise and rise of Google.  It has gone from our gateway to the internet, to a word we use in everyday conversation - there is no denying, Google is a powerhouse.

However, I recently read an article that may have Google shaking in their boots. 

Up until Google+ was released, you wouldn’t have thought Facebook and Google were in direct competition.  Sure they both fight for internet time and advertising dollars, but they were free to do so without stepping on each other’s toes.

Now it seems the gloves are off, both companies see an end goal and it’s not far off total internet domination.

Complete social integration throughout the web offers the host network almost unlimited potential.  Especially in terms of advertising revenue, data acquisition and subscriptions.

Facebook has an amazing head-start in the race, which would most likely see the winner be the only one to actually finish.

This article, suggests that if Facebook were to develop its own browser, with Facebook integration, it would change the user perception from a “destination” on the internet to an “internet platform”.  It will represent a new way to access the internet, with your friends ever-present at every stop.

Rockmelt has attempted to provide the “Facebook Browser” before Facebook has, with reasonable success. 

If Facebook were to follow suit, and then develop a better “social search” functionality, they could well be on the way to knocking Google off the top spot very quickly.

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